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谁有免费看做爱的网站Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd (formerly Jiangsu Rudong General Machinery Co., Ltd.), founded in 1958 and started manufacturing petroleum machinery tools in the early 1970s. Now it became one of the largest specialized manufacturing enterprises for petroleum drilling tools & equipment in China with total assets of 85 million USD and annual production & sales volume of more than 80 million USD. It was one of the “Top Fifty” enterprises in China petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry, the National Standardization Enterprise of Good Practice with 4A-level and Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise.

谁有免费看做爱的网站The company had a floor area of 200,000 square meters and more than 650 employees. As requirements of modern enterprise management system, the companycomposed its corporate governance structure ofstockholders, directorate, supervision committee and manager layer. It had one affiliate, three subsidiary, eleven management departments and nine workshops. The company had the largest 80,000 square-meter production line of tongs, elevators, links, slips and bushings in China, 30,000 square-meter production line of alkaline phenotic resin sand casting and precision casting with annual output of 10,000 tons and 3,000 square-meter fully automatic controlled heat treatment production line. It also had more than 700 sets machining and testing equipment including 80 sets large high-precision machining & testing equipment such as machining center, numerical control machine, large double column planing machine and 2000 ton electro-hydraulic servo micro-controlled pressure tester. With 40 years of oil machinery production, the company had accumulated abundant experiences in technology, manufacturing and management. It hadenormous strength in casting, heat treatment and machining. 

The company established quality management committee led by the chief engineer, and arranged quality department to be responsible for IQC, PQC, FQC & OQC. The company also set positions of chief inspectors, patrol inspectors and workshop inspectors to ensure internal process control and inspection of semi-finished products. Based on standard of ISO9001 and API Spec Q1, the company set up an advanced quality management system, always adhered to the quality policy “Win Customers with High Quality Products and Services”, implemented the promoting-enterprise strategy with brand names, pushed the concept transformation from “meeting criterion” to “customer satisfaction”, and propelled management update from “system consistency” to “perfect implementation”. The company processed with management idea, management manner and management artifice, advanced with the times and innovated constantly, guaranteed good performance of all technical standard and requirements. The company had more than 40 sets advanced testing equipment and instruments such as 2000 ton electro-hydraulic servo micro-controlled pressure tester, large magnetic particle detector,ultrasonic flaw detector, ultra-low-temperature detector, the Germany-imported spectrum analyzer, coordinate measuring machine, metallographic and chemical analysis devices, etc. It had national production certificates for most products and had respectively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO10012 measurement management system certification, ISO14001 environment management system certification, the American Petroleum Institute API 7K, 8C certification, the English GL Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certification and the German GL Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certification. “RT” brand drilling suspension tools were brand name products in Jiangsu Province. Series products of tongs, elevators, links, slips, pneumatic spiders, pneumatic slips and elevators/spiders won the titles of industrial brand name and famous brand name. 

In order to ensure products quality, the company reviewed the suppliers once a year annually and established steadystrategic partnership with qualified suppliers. To improve process management control level, the company won the title of National Standardization Enterprise of Good Practice with 4A-level, founded management standard covering all departments and all process, and carried out KPI (key performance indicator) for all employees. Besides, the company advanced process management based on PDCA circle, supervised quality tracing from raw material to finished products, and completed all quality inspection records. It not only reviewed internal management system regularly to assure the reality and validity of all management process, but also examined products quality periodicity. The company carried out innovation stratagem in process design, resource scheme and technology grounding on information collected from customers, suppliers and copartners, thus shaped the development idea and management method adapting to its own enterprise characteristics. The company established perfect service network in all domestic oilfields, had complete service system of pre-sales, sales and after-sales, supplied special tools and equipment as customer’s appointed requirements, and offered technical support in all aspects such as product installation, usage and maintenance. The products were used in various oilfields throughout the country and exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and other regions.















Creative Advantages

谁有免费看做爱的网站In recent years, our company has taken efforts to carry out strategy of “developing company with science” and increasingly invested in technological innovation. Our company possesses technological research and development team including more than 40 technological-engineering intermediate and senior employees and more than 200 skilled talents. Besides, our company possesses advanced high-performance computer, plotter, graphic workstation, and CAE analytical station for casting, and so on and adopted CAD/CAPP/PDM and three-dimensional technology. Our company continuously increases research and development level and forms complete system of research and development so as to ensure the global leading role of products to international advanced level and formulate the structure of serial products with “three hanging tongs and one slip” of 6,000 specifications. Based on competitive environment of international market and development direction of automatic wellhead, our company has accelerated promoting transformation and upgrade of products and successively developed new products with high-tech content over the years, such as pneumatic slip, power slip, pneumatic elevator, hydraulic elevator, automatic grouting application, pneumatic spinning wrench, and iron roughneck, which improved the level of products. Our company became the manufacturer with the most complete specifications and types of elevator, manual tong, slip, and bushing and the most international types of elevator in China. Our company participated in China Torch Program Projects and Jiangsu Provincial Torch (Spark) Program Projects. At present, our company possesses 42 national utility model patents, 2 national invention patents, 3 national key products, and 13 Jiangsu provincial high-tech products. Equipped with independent intellectual property of core technology, our company became the technology center of Jiangsu province, technological research center of petroleum machinery implements of Jiangsu province, and corporate postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu province, and corporate academician workstation of Jiangsu province.

Brand Advantages

In recent years, our company has vigorously implemented development strategy of “strengthening company with high quality” and established quality management committee charged by general engineer. In addition, our company established complete quality management system based on double standards of ISO9001 and API Spec Q1, promoted quality management concept transforming from “meeting standard” to “satisfying customers” and management model transforming from “living up to system” to “pursuing excellence”. With all-round and multi-angle respects of management concept, management measures, management methods and techniques, our company carries out procedure inspection and examination on whole production in-and-out factory including procurement of raw materials and out-sourcing purchased parts, and final inspection of product release based on drawing, technology, and document on technological standard and technology through keeping pace with times and increasingly innovation. Our company has invested a lot in test equipment and possessed more than 40 implements for inspection and experiment and adopted advanced testing machines such as micro-control universal testing machine with 2,000 tons, large-scale magnetic particle flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultra-low temperature detector, spectrometer exported from Germany, three-coordinate measuring instrument, and methods such as metallographic and physical-chemical analysis so as to comprehensively improve quality of product. The RT hoist tool is rewarded as the famous product of Jiangsu province and the industry.

Scale Advantages

With forty-year history of manufacturing petroleum machinery, our company has accumulated abundant experience in production, technology, and management. Our company possesses the largest production line covering 50,000 square meters for manual tong, elevator, link, slip, and bushing, production line for sand mold casting with resin sand technology and precision casting with silica sol with 30,000 square meters and annual output of 10,000 tons, heat-treatment production line with 3,000 square meters controlled by automatic computer, numerical controlled production line covering 1,500 square meters, and more than 700 manufacturing and detection machines, including more than 80 advanced high-tech implements, such as machining center, numerical controll machine, large-scale double housing planer, and micro-control universal testing machine with 2,000 tons. Our company owns the ability to deal with casting, heat-treatment, and machining.


In September 1958, local state-owned Rudong Farm Implements Machinery, the former organization of Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. At the beginning of establishment, there were few poor and low-rise workshops with farm implements as products.

In 1960, we successfully produced the first tug boat of our county, named 'Rudong No. 1 Tug Boat'.

In 1970, with supports from former Ministry of Petroleum Industry and former Ministry of Machinery Industry,  manual tools for petroleum drilling, such as  manual tong and slip, were developed. 1979 is the first glorious time when our company was rewarded as Daqing-type Company by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and became the model of machinery industry in county.

谁有免费看做爱的网站In 1983, our company newly constructed casting workshop covering 3,000 square meters and purchased power-frequency furnace with 1.5 tons with self-raised funds. Besides, our company achieved output of more than 4 million yuan this year.

In May 18, 1993, our company became the first county-owned company to reorganize.

谁有免费看做爱的网站In May 18, 2002, our company carried out the reorganization meaning “exit of public sector and introduction of private sector” to be a brand-new private company.

In May 18, 2004, our company activated the first-stage project of “withdrawing from city and entering into district”, completed the project and put into operation in 2005.

In 2006, our company achieved historic breakthrough and ranked as one of the companies with one hundred million yuan for the first time.

谁有免费看做爱的网站In 2008, our company realized the output and sales volume of more than 300 million yuan and also met the 50th anniversary to well embody the spirit of “Rutong Team” to customers from home and abroad and all walks of life with great response.

谁有免费看做爱的网站In February 2010, the second-stage project of “withdrawing from city and entering into district” for upgrade and transformation of casting was activated and put into operation in July 2011.

In December 2011, shareholding transformation was carried out according to requirements for corporate development and renamed as “Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd.”.

谁有免费看做爱的网站In October 18, 2012, the postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu Province collaborated with Xi’an Shiyou University was launched.

In November 18, 2013, the “Corporate Academician Workstation of Jiangsu Province” collaborated with Wuhan University of Science and Technology was launched.






Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co ., LTD., engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment research and development, production and sales of major products as lifting equipment, card equipment and spinner. Is the earliest engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment production and sales of one of the enterprises, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry "top 50" enterprise, jiangsu province high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province academician workstation and provincial enterprise technology center.

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