Paris English speaking wedding photographer Pierre T. Lambert offers Paris and destination brides the very best in Paris wedding photography.

Are you getting married or engaged in Paris? Who will be your Paris wedding or engagement photographer?
Here are a list of things you should consider when searching for an engagement photographer in Paris (for wedding photographer click here ):


Selecting an English speaking Paris engagement photographer is more than just picking a Paris photographer. You are hiring a photographer that will work with you throughout the day to create unique memories of you in Paris that can might be used for your wedding. Personality should not be overlooked during the selection process of your engagement photographer. The engagement photographer's personality will have an influence on the memories you will keep of Paris as you will be spending time with him around Paris. This can greatly influence your engagement photography. On top of that you will most probably be spending more than a year communicating with your wedding photographer - from the engagement session to the ceremony and finally the album design. Make sure when you communicate with him that you have a good feeling and that he understands you clearly - nothing worse that spending a day with someone who cannot communicate with you.


As important as price is, it should not be the only factor for selecting your engagement photographer. We have heard so many horror stories of people who solely hired an engagement photographer based on price... Remember that in the end those pictures will immortalize your engaged moments in Paris.

Engagement album and guest book

Taking the opportunity of the collaboration with your English speaking Paris engagement photographer to ask him to create an engagement album and a guest book is something recommended. The guest book is something valuable during a wedding to keep the kind words of your friends and family all in one place. Make sure you ask your Paris engagement photographer to design one for you.


Your engagement shoot in Paris, France is something unique and shall be covered properly.Your English speaking Paris engagement photographer should be proposing you different locations to shoot in Paris (not just the most famous ones! Paris has a lot of hidden gems) and advise on the best time to shoot at. Make sure you ask your engagement photographer how long the shoot lasts and how many locations you will travel to.

Pierre T. Lambert Photography is an English speaking engagement photographer based in Paris and available in Paris region, Loire Valley, all over France and worldwide for engagements photography.

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