Besides being the next best thing in Paris after authentic fresh macaroons, a Paris photo shoot with your Paris photographer Pierre T. Lambert allows you to experience the city of lights in a whole new light.
Whether you are on a romantic gateway, your dream honeymoon, a family trip or a weekend with friends, the photo session is for you to have fun, discover hidden corners of Paris, and capture the best moments of your life which you can cherish and take back home with you after the trip.

Yes, selfies can be fun. And yes, nowadays you don't even need to ask people to take a picture of you thanks (or no thanks) to selfie sticks. However if you are reading this right now, you may believe that some moments in your life deserve a little more than becoming a part of the 2,000 photos on your mobile phone gallery.
A Paris photo shoot gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your time in Paris and be photographed in one of the world's most beautiful cities. A Paris photo session is for you if you want to look amazing, create a work of art and keep these stunning moments for the rest of your life. Who knows when the next time you will have a romantic trip with you partner away from the stress of daily life will be? Or when the kids will leave the nest? Or when you will be with all your friends in the same place again? Your photo shoot in Paris is made to keep all these memories alive forever.

The goal of the photo session is to let your personality, relationship, energy and emotion shine through to your pictures. The photo session is all about you and your loved ones enjoying the moment which your Paris photographer will capture. The foundation for a successful Paris photo session will be based on the connection between you and your Paris photographer.
Your paris photographer will take the time to get to know you and break the ice in order for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you are shy don't worry, we have plenty of useful tips and tricks. You will meet your photographer in a chosen location in Paris where you will have a small introduction on how to look amazing in pictures (don't worry all top models need a little coaching). Afterwards, you will go for a fun stroll and capture great moments with the Parisian cityscape as your setting. Depending on your choice of Paris photo shoot collection, we will move to different locations either by car, taxi, Uber, foot or bike (Velib') for the most courageous.

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As a wise man used to say: "The early bird catches the worm". Sunrise and sunset are the best times to capture the most beautiful (and flattering) light. Early morning at sunrise is highly recommended as you will experience Paris before the world awakens. Your Paris photographer will take advantage of the empty street and capture Paris as if the city were meant only for the two of you - a truly surreal experience! Sunsets can be very nice as well however crowds are unavoidable during this time especially at the most popular sites. Capturing shots without crowds can be difficult, however, we have a list of "secret spots" that will still allow you to capture the best of Paris photography without hundreds of tourists in the background.

Your Paris photographer will have your pictures ready for you within the next two weeks following the shoot. For clients who are staying for a few days in Paris, we are happy to expedite this service in order to meet with you again in person and review the pictures over a glass of wine (in true Parisian style)! Pictures are delivered via a personal online gallery where you can also download the pictures.

Everyone has different need and if none of these Paris photo session collections suits you, we can customise a package for you.

Collection "Montaigne"

For those in a rush

  • 1 location
  • 1 hour of shooting
  • 15 photos
  • Personal website for 15 days

Collection "St Germain"

The essential

  • 2 location
  • 2 hours of shooting
  • 35 photos
  • Personal website for 30 days

Collection "Vendôme"

Go head over heels

  • 3 to 4 locations
  • 4 hours of shooting
  • 55 photos
  • Personal website for 40 days