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C&Y couple session in Paris

We had such a great time during this couple session with Chloe & Yoann at the Palais Garnier in Paris! After an improvised make up and dressing session in a coach bus parked next to the Opera (thanks!), C&Y were ready and looking absolutely gorgeous! Although the sun went down faster than expected it hasn’t been an obstacle to this great session that ended up way later in the dark! We’ll let the images speak for themselves …..

make up C&Y

Gorgeous couple in Paris

Palais Garnier gorgeous couple

Gorgeous couple in Paris

C&Y Couple Paris

French Elegance

Gorgeous couple in Opera Paris

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P & L Engagement photography session in Paris

When Colombia meets Poland

After spending 6 years of their relationship apart, love finally unites.  This morning’s engagement photography session in Paris was a symbolic one for this couple from two ends of the world.  Paula comes from the magical land of Colombia.  She met Lukasz, a proud Polish gentleman, while studying abroad in Lyon, France.  The two have been committed to each other since.  Nothing made more sense to Lukasz than to propose to Paula soon after she found herself back in France to start her MBA … and of course to be closer to him.  We couldn’t have been happier to capture this joyful moment in their lives before Paula and Lukasz move to Warsaw, Poland to begin another chapter of their lives together.

We started the shoot on Paris’s west end, at one of the city’s best spots for viewing the sunrise.  Paula and Lukasz have always planned to watch the sunrise over Paris so this was a great occasion for them.


Engagement Paris


Engagement Paris


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